Keep them solar guys at bay without having to ruin their day !

Even if you gots love for that solar ...

Nobody likes being hassled at their front door

And most people don't like having to put their foot down

... but then you might find yourself roped into yet another pitch !

Door Knocker Blockers to the rescue !


5.1 / 5 star reviews (we got extra credit)

soon to be thousands of exuberant customers nationwide

Here, get your free

Door Knocker Blocker™ ...

get the solution to this never-ending saga


AFTER HAVING MADE nearly 10K unsolicited phone calls ...

We had what you might call

our Come-To-Jesus realization

And you know the one thing that homeowners want

more than anything else when it comes to solar ... ?

To stop friggin' calling them

& knocking on their damn door !!


What people are saying ...

"Honestly, not so good at saying no ... and definitely not the best at comebacks... problem solved! Thanks so much, Door Knocker Blockers!!"

- Orlando Evanston

"It's like outsourcing your passive aggressiveness to a third-party service provider ... without having to get your darn hands dirty."

- Brighton Hartford

"I've calculated the value of time saved on useless conversations vs the cost of my DKB acquisitions. The ROI is truly astounding."

- Alexandria Prescott

“I would literally hand someone $1 to not have to answer the door to those guys and interrupt what I’m doing. Each and every time. Tell me, how is this any different? LOL.”

- Denver San Juan

“I actually stopped answering the darn door and then, one day, I missed my FedEx delivery! All I can say is those days are a thing of the past. Thanks, Door Knocker Blockers!”

- Brooklyn Wellington

“So… how much really is preventing an awkward conversation on your doorstep really worth? I knew my answer. Sold to the guy with the kooky door-hanger campaign!””

- Cambridge Lexington

“You know how certain things bring out the worst in you and make you feel like your mama didn’t raise you right? Yeah ... that’s me with people who door knock me. With my DKBs, I’m happy to say I can rejoin civilized society!”

- Hartford Diego


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Made w. Love & Vinegar

We're 'taking the piss' - but just like the old days, this urine's medicinal !

A Holistic Look at Life

Nobody likes being moralized to, but everyone likes a good roast !

Redefining Antagonism

We're redirecting our rabble-rousing nature to a good cause !

There's Strength in Vulnerability

Even if you're offended by this shtick, it's okay. Let 'em take their shots. It'll only make you stronger !

Wait... you're a Solar Company??

... don't tell nobody.

But will taking the temperature down on solar cause more of it to happen..? Let's just call it a social experiment ;)

Based Upon Proven Protocols

Sheeeeeeeeeeeet, mama!! Ain't nothing proven about this! That's crazy talk !

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Door Knocker Blockers™

  • Door-to-Door sales is crawling with solar reps

  • So we're giving homeowners a way to keep the fly-by-night solar guys in check

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