for a better tomorrow !!

Q: What's the one thing people want more than anything else when it comes to solar ?

A: To stop friggin' calling me ... and knocking on my damn door !!

We hear ya ... introducing ... DOOR KNOCKER BLOCKERS ™

Dallas Francisco

"So they were like knocking and knocking, and then they weren't, so I was like 'hell-to-the-yeah, man."

Brighton Hartford

"It's like outsourcing your passive aggressiveness to a 3rd party, without getting your hands dirty!"

Orlando Evanston

"Honestly, not so good at saying no... and definitely not the best at comebacks... problem solved! Thanks, Door Knocker Blockers!!"

Elizabeth Henderson

"It's like a physical AD BLOCKER for your front door ... which come on, tell me that's not kick-A?!"

Charlotte Dayton

"How many solar sales guys does it take to screw in a light bulb, indeed..."

Alexandria Prescott

"I've calculated the value of time saved on useless conversations vs the cost of my DKB acquisitions. The ROI is truly astounding."

*yeah none of these actually happened

Charleston Roswell

"Saves me from having to cuss out those poor solar guys. They really deserve better than that!"

Frederick Lancaster

"Oh yeah, there's more where that came from, you sussy little solar bitches!!"

Dover Telluride

"I believe I can state that the marginal utility of the Door Knocker Blocker campaign offsets its largely dissonant underpinnings."

Made w. Love & Vinegar

We're 'taking the piss' - but just like the old days, this urine's medicinal !

A Holistic Look at Life

Nobody likes being moralized to, but everyone likes a good roast !

Redefining Antagonism

We're redirecting our rabble-rousing nature to a good cause !

There's Strength in Vulnerability

Even if you're offended by this shtick, it's okay. Let 'em take their shots. It'll only make you stronger !

Wait... you're a Solar Company??

... don't tell nobody.

But will taking the temperature down on solar cause more of it to happen..? Let's just call it a social experiment ;)

Based Upon Proven Protocols

Sheeeeeeeeeeeet, mama!! Ain't nothing proven about this! That's crazy talk !

Amuse and antagonize your solar solicitors !

Pass them off as party favors at the local barbecue !

Offer them as rewards for drinking games like 'beer pong' !

OR simply ...

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